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Win a Year of Free String Lessons!

Winner chooses from one of these string maestros. ArtistWorks and personalized Video Exchange® will take your playing to the next level!

What You'll Receive as a Winner:

ArtistWorks is a comprehensive music instruction destination where masters come to teach. Included with your subscription is:

  • An online library of lessons for all skill levels
  • World renowned musicians teaching from a lifetime of experience
  • Direct interactions with instructors
  • Access to a community of players around the world
  • Complimentary music theory lessons to understand fundamentals

String Lessons for All Levels

Mike Block

Mike Block is a pioneering multi-style cellist and composer, who first joined Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble while still studying at the Juilliard School, where he also now teaches. Learn basic cello techniques through to advanced lessons, including lessons for classical, jazz or bluegrass cello.

Darol Anger

Recording artist, founder of the contemporary string band movement, and respected strings educator, Anger provides a full recorded video curriculum along with backing tracks, tabs and bonus materials. Accelerate your learning by submitting a Video Exchange to Darol for his personal feedback.

Richard Amoroso

For two decades, violinist Richard Amoroso has served as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, performing around the world, including soloing at Carnegie Hall. He is known worldwide as one of the premier classical violinists of our time. His natural talent shines through his lessons as a tremendous instructor and musical virtuoso.

How It Works

Access hundreds of video lessons

Each school has a huge library with hundreds of recorded lessons representing each teacher’s lifetime of experience.

Get Personal Feedback

Got questions? Submit practice videos to your all-star teacher. You’ll get personal Video Exchange Learning® feedback to help you progress quickly.

Learn from Community Video Exchanges

Dive into deep, cohesive, high quality learning offered only by ArtistWorks. Watch and learn from fellow students’ breakthrough learning moments in their Video Exchanges with your online teacher.

Reviews from Our Players

Artistworks is as close as you can get to personal instruction with musicians and other professionals at the very top of their game. I don’t know how some of the busy, concert class performers find the time to give such detailed and student specific video feedback. Personally, I have been thrilled to be able to have constructive feedback from a Jazz guitar legend. Highly recommended.

- Steve Higgs

Reviews from Our Players

Excellent teaching and feedback. I'm impressed about how accurate my teacher can nail my technical and musical challenges from my submitted video without being in the room together with me. Best technical teaching I have had ever. My piano playing has improved.

- Aslak

Reviews from Our Players

Artistworks is a wonderful learning tool. It is very inspiring to have a top professional artist share their knowledge with you and give feedback on music that you are working on.

- Eddie